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As many people discover after the loss of a loved one, Florida law requires certain assets to go through the probate process. The purpose of probate is to ensure that valid debts are paid and that the balance of the estate is distributed according to the provisions of the Will; or when there is no Will, according to Florida law. Depending on the assets in question, there are a few ways this can be accomplished.

As a Panama City probate lawyer, I can guide you through the estate administration process. The majority of my probate cases deal deceased residents of north Florida, but am generally happy to offer assistance throughout the State of Florida. I also regularly assist with the administration of ancillary estates, which is sometimes necessary when a non-resident dies owning Florida real property. I offer personalized service, attention to detail, and a willingness to work efficiently on your behalf. One of my primary goals it to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with my clients.

Florida Probate

Personal Representatives are the decision makers for their estates, and they should have legal assistance from the outset. Aside from assisting a Personal Representative with the legal aspects of estate administration, a probate attorney's primary goal should be to minimize stress and offer clear options and solutions to the Personal Representative. More often than not, people with a beneficial interest in an estate will work together in a friendly and civilized manner. Obviously, this is the best way to move forward. That said, people are often surprised by the behavior of their fellow estate beneficiaries.

A Personal Representative is entitled to, and I encourage them to accept, a fee equal to roughly three percent (3%) of the probate estate's assets. The Personal Representative should be aware that stepping into this role can be stressful, and that many questions will arise. This stress can be minimized with the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. Selecting the right one may be a Personal Representative's most important decision.

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If you are the Personal Representative of an estate or a family member with estate administration issues, I encourage you to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. l will meet personally with you and/or your family. If it's a good fit, we will work together to get the matter resolved as fairly and efficiently as possible.

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