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Panama City Living Wills Attorney

Living Wills Lawyer in Panama City, FL

A living will is a document in which a person makes known his or her wishes in regards to medical treatments that prolong life. It is also called an advance directive or health care directive. It should not be confused with a living trust, which is a document which describes the management and distribution of certain assets. A living will is important to have because it informs your family and your health care providers about the type of medical treatment you want in the event you cannot communicate those wishes yourself.

I can provide all the legal advice and work needed to have a living will created that reflects your preferences in health care procedures. I serve all prospective clients in the Panama City area, and will be happy to sit down with you to begin the process of preparing this instrument. As a Panama City estate planning attorney, I will take the time to listen to your needs and goals and ensure that they are fully reflected in your planning documents.

Florida Living Wills

In a living will, you indicate what type of life-prolonging treatments you do or do not wish to receive when you are in a state where you cannot state these desires for yourself. A living will usually goes into effect at the end of a terminal illness or a vegetative state. This type of will does not go into effect unless you are incapacitated. Prior to that, you will still make decisions for yourself.

For situations where you are incapacitated momentarily but your health is not in such a dire situation that a living will would go into effect, you may wish to create a health care power of attorney. This document allows someone else to make health care decisions for you while you are temporarily incapacitated.

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