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Panama City Guardianship Lawyer

Need legal help with a guardianship issue in estate planning?

The issue of guardianship may arise in estate planning as a needed legal protection for a person who is partially or fully incapable of handling his or her own affairs. If you need legal guidance and representation in the matter of a guardianship in or around Panama City, you can turn to my firm, Max W. McCord III, Attorney at Law a full-service estate planning, probate, and estate tax law firm. I have years of experience in providing effective legal counsel and resolving all issues related to both taxable and non-taxable estates.

When a Guardianship is Needed

A guardianship for an adult can only be granted through a petition to the court. A guardianship is for those individuals who may need someone to manage their basic needs, from food, housing, and health care to their financial matters due to their partial or full incapacity. These individuals may suffer from a physical or mental disability that hinders their ability to care for themselves. As a result, they may face potential harm or loss and have no one who has the legal authority to act in their best interests.

In some cases, a person may need a temporary guardian after a medical emergency, such as a serious injury in some type of accident or due to a sudden illness. In these cases, the court can appoint a guardian on an emergency basis until the person's health is restored and he or she can then make decisions and regain independent control.

A guardian's duty is to the permanently or temporarily incapacitated person. His or her best interests must be served. The guardian will make decisions about the personal and / or financial aspects of the person's life, always with the view in mind of what that person would have wished as well as his or her previously established values. The courts will generally supervise the guardian as to his or her actions through an initial review and through yearly reviews to ensure that the incapacitated person is being served well.

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