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A guardianship is necessary when a person is unable to handle his or her own affairs. A guardian is then appointed be the court to help manage the necessary tasks for the person in question, who is referred to as the "Ward". The guardian then manages the affairs of the Ward and makes decisions about his or her daily life. The guardian is required to act in an ethical manner and in the best interests of the Ward. Florida Statutes Title XLIII Chapter 744 delineates how guardianships are to be administered.

If you or someone you know needs legal assistance with a guardianship for a minor, an elder, or someone who is incapacitated in the Panama City area, I can provide the legal counsel you need. As a Panama City guardianship lawyer, I serve the entire Bay County, Florida area (including the surrounding counties). My background in trusts, wills, and estate planning is particularly relevant to the area of guardianship law. I can offer a level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and personalized service that my clients need and expect with these delicate family matters.

Florida Guardianships

Generally, there are two types of guardianships. (plenary & limited) In a limited guardianship, the guardian is granted specific rights over the Ward as determined by the court. The Ward keeps all other decision-making rights. In a plenary guardianship, rights can be delegated to the guardian that can be applied to the "person" of the Ward (medical decisions, living arrangements, social decisions, etc.) or his/her "estate" (the assets), or both.

A guardian may be responsible for the Ward's residence, medical treatment, non-medical services such as education or counseling, and making end-of-life decisions. If the guardian is responsible for the Ward's estate, he may be required to see that the estate is protected from loss, receive income for the estate, and make appropriate disbursements.

Do you need help setting up or administering a guardianship? Contact Panama City guardianship lawyer Max W. McCord III to discuss your guardianship options today!