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Panama City Tax Law Attorney

Tax Lawyer Serving Clients in Panama City, Florida

Nearly every significant business decision has tax consequences. As a Panama City tax attorney, I advise clients on matters such as: the purchase or sale of a business; the admission and/or departure of business principals; preparation of corporate minutes; the drafting, reviewing, and negotiation of contracts; as well as many of the critical business agreements such as buy/sell agreements, partnership agreements, and shareholder/operating agreements

When a client knows who they want to ultimately control their business, I can help with the development of a business succession plan. I also advise my clients on selecting the appropriate business entity, as well as dissolution and restructuring of existing entities. It is important to note that the most tax efficient way to structure a business transaction may not be what is best for the business and the principals as a whole. Ultimately, I expect my clients make the difficult decisions. My goal is simply to help them understand the relevant consequences.

Tax Liabilities

As a Panama City tax lawyer, I also represent businesses and individuals after a determination has been made that taxes and/or penalties are owed. These initial decisions are not necessarily determinative. In many cases, both legal and mathematical errors can be found. When properly identified, these errors should be easy to resolve; and the savings can be significant.

Generally speaking, if the facts are in the taxpayer's favor and the law is clear, the authorities are happy to resolve the issue and to close the file. That said, when the legal issues are less clear, they may have to be resolved though the appeals process, or possibly in court.

If you are a business owner or an individual involved in a tax controversy or need help structuring your business to minimize tax liabilities, I can provide the counsel you may need. I offer legal assistance to individuals, businesses, and corporations on all tax matters.

Do you need legal assistance with a tax issue? Contact Panama City tax attorney Max W. McCord III to discuss your situation.