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Panama City Business Law Attorney

Helping Business Clients in Panama City, Florida

Business law encompasses a wide array of legal issues concerning the owning and operation of a business enterprise. My practice in this area deals with matters such as forming, purchasing or selling a business, and dispute resolution. I can also assist with business management, employee issues, contracts, counseling on the tax consequences of various planning decisions, and many of the other matters related to and arising from doing business in this state.

If you live or work in the Panama City area and you are in need of legal assistance concerning your interest in a business, I encourage you to contact my office for an appointment. I offer personalized service, attention to detail, and a desire to work efficiently.

Business Law in Florida

Most business would be well served by having a continuing relationship with a competent attorney. Florida law provides a framework for the creation, organization, and management of business entities. My practice involves assisting clients with contracts, regulatory compliance, real estate matters, taxes and licenses, liability minimization, dispute resolution, and lawsuits. If you are doing business in Florida, it is worth taking the time to understand the laws and regulations of this state, and to proceed accordingly.

If you are in need of assistance with your business law matter in the state of Florida, contact Panama City business attorney MaxMcCord III.